What is an Innovation Scout?

An innovation scout actively encourages a culture of innovation within their organisations by promoting and encouraging the adoption of evidence-based innovations, integrating innovation as a core process and working to embed innovation in their organisation’s values and  behaviours.


Innovation Scouts Commitment


Innovation Scouts are asked to commit to:

1.    Support their organisation in creating a culture of innovation

2.    Seek out opportunities to spread and promote innovations

3.    Share the learning of putting innovations into practice

4.    Inspire others to incorporate innovation into their own practice


Criteria for being a scout


The following table outlines the desirable criteria required to be an Innovation Scout




Demonstrated by


Is a member of an NHS organisation, university, local authority or public sector organisation; including police or fire service within the North West Coast

Evidence of position in host organisation


Has the blessing of their host organisation and is a member of the board or can easily leverage board level support for innovations and new ways of doing things

Letter of support/nomination from CEO or executive


Has a good understanding of innovation and its value in their organisation and is actively working to engender innovation as part of the culture.

Evidence of work to promote innovation in organisation


Displays the behaviors of an innovation enthusiast, namely:

●     Focussed on future possibilities and imagining better alternatives

●     Enjoys trying new things and champions new ideas and ways of doing things

●     Knows when to fail (and learn from the experience) after weighing the importance of the idea/project and the costs of persevering

Letter from CEO or Exec of support to become a scout, examples of bringing new and innovative ideas into the host organisation.


What is an innovation forum member?


An innovation forum member develops or champions innovations and works in partnership with their Innovation Scouts and other like minded individuals across health and care organisations to progress the uptake of new innovations for the benefit of the people within it. 


Criteria for being a forum member


●     A member of a small or medium enterprise, voluntary organisation or public sector organisation. The innovation forum member works closely with health and care organisations or aspire to build productive relationships.

●     Is able to share offers of innovations or different ways of doing things that might benefit the health and care system

Supports the principle of partnership working and co-design