Innovation Scout Awards Programme


Each year we celebrate the acheivements of the Innovation Scouts with a reward and recognition awards programme. 

The bronze, silver and gold awards are available to our Scouts to recognise their success in fostering a culture for innovations to be successfully implemented. 

Below is the criteria required for each award level:


Attend two core innovation events and help promote and champion the programme.


Attend a further two events within a calendar year, has adopted or is in the process of adopting an innovation from out with their organisation. In addition, the silver award holder will have promoted Innovation Scouts, for example published in a newsletter, a blog, vlog or case study to wider stakeholders.


In addition to having achieved bronze and silver awards, the gold award holder will have achieved significant demonstrable impacts through the introduction of an innovation that may have gained external recognition.  The award holder will have evidence of progressing a culture of innovation in their host organisation and has the support of the board for efforts made in embedding an innovative culture.

Desirable evidence in support of this award includes:

●     Adoption of innovation and spread to more than one department or organisation

●     Partnership working with other companies or public bodies on innovations

●     Sharing stories of innovation success on platforms outwith their own organisation (Innovation Exchange, Newsletters,  website, NIA, Innovate UK)  

●     Added project/innovation to the Innovation Agency innovation exchange for adoption


To find out more about our Scout awards and how to become an Innovation Scout, contact