Driving innovation

Innovation is about the application of ideas and creativity to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. Ideas may be new but more often, they are copied or adapted from elsewhere and may come in the form of an improved product, process or service. The true value of a good idea is only realised through testing, piloting, successful implementation and widespread diffusion

Please visit our Innovation Exchange - a membership platform managed by the Innovation Agency. We connect people working in the NHS, health and social care professionals, businesses, organisations and individuals who are looking for improved and more effective and efficient ways of working. 

Innovation is critical to enabling better outcomes for patients.  The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) published by NHS England says the NHS needs to make £22 billion of efficiency savings by 2020/21.  The NHS must focus on opportunities which contribute most to the 5YFV

As well as supporting colleagues locally we also support national programmes. These include:

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) and the NHS Innovation Accelerator.

The Innovation Agency has a crucial role in the spread and adoption of innovation across the North West Coast region. Integral to this approach is the Innovation Exchange which is a membership platform managed by us to connect people working in the NHS, health and social care, businesses, organisations and individuals who are looking for improved and more effective and efficient ways of working.

We also promote and support the Innovation Scouts Programme which has been specifically designed to offer our NHS partners an opportunity for a senior manager/leader to work with other like-minded individuals across the region to understand the challenges and cultural implications needed to increase the adoption of innovative practices/technologies or treatments.  Training is offered and regular events are held.

Innovation Centres across the North West Coast region have been developed to act as hubs for health, academic and industry partners involved in joint projects. Our role can include pump priming funding, helping to attract major investment from European and other sources; and introductions to potential investors and other collaborators in healthcare and academia. 

Five centres have already been developed with a further five to be developed over the next two years.

The Innovation Agency plays a key role in the development of new innovative information technology and information services to benefit patients, clinicians and the public and spreading and sharing best practice. The aim of our work is to empower health and social care to better use, track, manage, and improve patients and population's health and wealth.  One of its key areas of digital innovation supported by the Innovation Agency is the development and promotion of digital apps for smartphones which benefit patient understanding and or healthcare.