Innovation Agency Coaching Academy for Innovation and Improvement 


Innovation Agency Coaching Academy for Innovation and Improvement The Innovation Agency’s Coaching Academy enables health and care professionals to improve culture, quality and safety of health and care through structured, focussed interactions.

The programmes offer trained coaches to build capability and confidence for personal development, leaving a legacy of sustainable improvement.  This includes the opportunity of reflection both individually and within a community of practice, on the real life context of the applications of strategies, tools and techniques for innovation adoption and spread.

The aim is to mobilise and support people across systems to create a safe and continuously improving workplace culture.

Who can apply?

Professionals from health and care, third sector, academic, and public sector organisations in the North West Coast


Two programmes

Coaching for adoption and spread is a six-month programme which provides:

·         Practical skills and tools for the adoption and spread of innovative approaches and digital technologies

·         Skills development and action learning workshops for spread and adoption tools and techniques

·         Regular group coaching to support learning and reflection on how to spread innovations

·         Personal development and growth while learning how to overcome barriers and challenge beliefs

·         Group support to build resilience as you work with others facing similar challenges.


Coaching to create a culture of innovation is a nine-month programme which provides:

  • Training for leaders to work with their own teams to develop a safe and continuously improving workplace culture
  • Application of an accredited team culture diagnostic and facilitated discussions by a qualified coach with team leaders and their teams to identify key areas of focus for improved culture
  • Accredited coach training for team leaders to European Mentoring and Coaching Council foundation level with regular practice coaching and coach supervision
  • Team involvement in a collaborative action learning programme with other teams from across the North West Coast, creating a community of practice that learns together
  • Quality Improvement and innovation practical knowledge and skills


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