What is Q?

Q stands for Quality.

The Q initiative is led by the Health Foundation http://www.health.org.uk/programmes/the-q-initiative and co-sponsored by NHS Improvement.  Q has its own website: q.health.org.uk  Q is a connected community working together to improve health and care quality and connects people with improvement expertise across the UK. The Innovation Agency has partnered with the Health Foundation and is helping to grow the community in the North West Coast.

Q’s mission is to foster continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care. To achieve this, we are creating opportunities for people to come together as an improvement community – sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating to improve health and care.

Q is being created for the long term to support individuals and their existing improvement work. It has been designed to complement and help connect other initiatives and networks.

The Q community is made up of a diverse range of people, including those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, commissioners, researchers, policymakers and others. This diversity boosts the power of Q as a source of innovation and practical problem solving.

What are the benefits of Q?

Members will join a community of diverse individuals enabling connections that expand their existing networks with a focus on achieving practical and measurable improvements in healthcare.  There are many benefits for patients, members, employers and the health and care system. Please find more information in the What is Q? booklet by the Health Foundation in resources section below

Who should join?

People who:

have experience of improving the quality of health and care in the UK

are interested in collaborating to improve the quality of health and care

have an understanding of some of teh structured ways through which people seek to improve quality and have gained this understanding through formal development, personal study or experience

have had an impactful or influential role in efforts to improve the quality of health and care that go beyond an individual team - you may have formally led improvement work, provided a patient or public perspective, or contributed to the design, supporting analysis or evaluation of improvement work

work/volunteer in one of the following parts of the UK:

  • Scotland
  • Yorkshire and Humber
  • North West Coast
  • London - in the northwast and nor central London, south and west Hertfordshire, South Bedfordshire and sout west and mid Essex
  • West Midlands

Opportunities to join the Q community are now closed for 2017

Opportunities to join Q for people working or volunteering in the North West Coast are now closed for 2017.

To ensure the community is grown in a manageable way, and to enable members to contribute to its evolving shape and design, opportunities to join Q are being phased across different parts of the UK.

Those interested in joining Q will need to demonstrate knowledge and experience of improvement and reflect on how they can benefit and contribute to the community.

Q is not a taught programme, but a network of support for those already knowledgeable in undertaking improvement. There is no membership fee or minimum time commitment. Q is designed to support busy people with their current improvement work, on-going development and promote their visibility as a leader of improvement.

Welcome event will be held for successful applicants within the North West Coast. The event will be held on:

●        Thursday 6 July 2017

How to Apply

Application guidance on how to join Q - March 2017

Application portal: https://aims.health.org.uk/register/

AIMS user manual: https://q.health.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/AIMS-Applicant-User-Guide.pdf

Find out More

The Innovation Agency is holding two Webex sessions for anyone interested in finding out more about the Q Community, the benefits and the application process. These will take place on

●     Tuesday 14 March 2017 12.30pm-1.30pm

●     Wednesday 5 April 2017 12.30pm-1.30pm


Please email Info@innovationagencynwc.nhs.uk if you would like to register to join in one of the Webex sessions.

More information about Q can be found at q.health.org.uk. Register via the website, or email JoiningQ@health.org.uk to be kept up to date and reminded when the opportunity to apply in the North West Coast opens.


●        What is Q?

●        Is Q for Me?

●        About Q

●        Interactive PDF

●        FAQs



Life QI Platform

The web based Life QI platform supports Health Care Professionals to plan, monitor and report progress of their safety and quality improvement projects and has everything you need to run your own QI projects in one place. Life QI has the capacity to connect you to a QI community of practice across the country, encouraging collaboration with teams working on similar challenges.

If you are interested in finding out more please see the following link www.lifeqisystem.com/ or email info@innovationagencynwc.nhs.uk