Launch of Coaching Academy for Innovation and Improvement

A coaching academy has been launched by the Innovation Agency to help health and social care professionals introduce innovations and improvements, to benefit patients and service users.

Programmes are being offered to people working in the NHS, universities, voluntary and other public sector organisations in the North West Coast – Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and South Cumbria.

The aim is to improve spread and adoption of innovation and to create a safe and continuously improving healthcare workplace culture, using the best available strategies and techniques.

A webinar to provide more information is taking place at 11am on 26 January. Register for your place now.

Applications are open now for the first course in coaching for adoption and spread of innovations, a six-month programme starting in April which will include face to face sessions around the region plus a series of webinars including:

  • Regular group coaching to support learning and reflection on how to spread innovations
  • Practical skills and tools for the adoption and spread of innovative approaches and digital technologies
  • Skills development and action learning workshops for spread and adoption tools and techniques
  • Personal development and growth while learning how to overcome barriers and challenge beliefs
  • Group support to build resilience as you work with others facing similar challenges.

Coach training for leaders of clinical teams is a nine-month programme starting later in the year, which provides:

  • Coach training for leaders to work with their own teams to develop a safe and continuously improving workplace culture, provided to an industry recognised accredited level with regular practice coaching and coach supervision
  • Learning how to use tools to diagnose team culture and identify key areas of focus for improved culture
  • Team involvement in a collaborative action learning programme with other teams from across the North West Coast, creating a community of practice that learns together
  • Quality Improvement and innovation practical knowledge and skills

Submit your application befoer the closing date of 4pm 16 Februaruy.

We have also created supporting information for the application

The Innovation Agency’s Associate Director for Improvement and Education, Juliette Kumar said: “Innovation is something new that adds value, this could be shiny new tech or a new approach or system of care; but it isn’t a simple matter to introduce it into a health or care service.

“There are well-evidenced tools and strategies for helping staff to adopt innovations and implement changes in their workplaces, we will provide these tools through our new academy, and offer ongoing coaching and support as staff navigate the tricky waters of implementing innovations.

“Health and care services don’t always involve a simple transaction between one clinician and one patient; it involves multiple teams and professions and even the best ideas for improvement can fail if teams are not aware of both the technical and interpersonal challenges they will face as they prepare for change.”

Please  email us to find out more

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