Innovation Agency-backed company secures £500k investment

A Liverpool business which has been supported by the Innovation Agency since its early years has secured £500,000 investment for growth.

Leading medical 3D printing company 3D LifePrints UK Ltd, produces 3D prints of body parts to help surgeons prepare for surgery. The highly detailed anatomical models allow clinicians to examine problems before surgery and perform simulations, shortening theatre time and saving costs.

The Innovation Agency has provided funding and NHS introductions and has showcased the company’s 3D anatomical prints at regional, national and international events.

It was through the Innovation Agency’s network of Innovation Scouts that the company’s partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was promoted to senior NHS clinicians and managers in other organisations. This led to contracts with the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, enabled by part funding from the Innovation Agency.

Now, 3D Lifeprints have secured £500,000 from Fenwall Investments Ltd to accelerate the company’s expansion. 

It will be used to expand their portfolio of embedded medical 3D printing hubs across the NHS and overseas; recruit additional bio-medical engineers and 3D technologists, as well as continuing to invest in research and development.

Consultant Cardiac Surgeon Mark Pullan at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital has used 3D prints of a patient’s heart. He said: “It was invaluable, really good for guiding my operation. I would have struggled to work out what to do rather than knowing beforehand – and it was excellent for explaining to the patients. The staff in theatre liked them as they could understand what I was doing and what I needed. It should be the standard of care for septal patients.”

Innovation Agency Chief Executive Dr Liz Mear congratulated 3D Lifeprints’ team: “It is fantastic to see an innovative small company use their amazing technology for the benefit of local patients. I’m delighted that we have been able to play a part in their growth and I wish them every success in their plan to expand into other hospitals throughout the UK.”

Company Chief Executive Henry Pinchbeck said: “3D LifePrints is indebted to the support from the Innovation Agency and wider NHS network. The Innovation Agency has helped with introductions to relevant institutions through their Innovation Scout network and supported our expansion into the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital through their match-funded grant scheme.”

Photo caption: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Cardiologist Dr Rob Cooper with a 3D print of a patient’s heart

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