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Top ten reasons for joining Q and using the QI Life Platform

These are good times for quality improvers in the North West Coast, and having worked in Quality Improvement in health care for the last ten years I don't think that there has ever been a better time for us as professionals to raise our profile nationally and share the improvement work we do.

There are two things that we have the opportunity to take advantage of, the first is the opportunity to join the Q community , a Health Foundation supported community of quality improvers and the second is the opportunity to use the QI Life platform, a free (yes FREE!) online quality improvement project management tool that has been developed and sponsored by 12 AHSN's in England.

So, why get involved? Here are my top ten reasons for joining Q and using the QI Life Platform.

Why join Q?

  1. Q is a community of quality improvers, it will allow us to identify people with improvement skills in our region so that we can share knowledge, insights and connections – encouraging greater collaboration for system wide improvements;
  2. There is no membership fee or minimum time commitment to be a member, and Q membership is for life!  - We know that you are busy people and you can tailor how much you put in to the Q community depending on how busy you are;
  3. Q members will have access to the online directory of Qs; access to online resources and subscriptions such as the IHI open school online courses, BMJ Quality online journal, ISQua and the LEAN QI App – free resources to enhance your practice;
  4. There will be opportunities for sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating on local improvement projects, national and local networking events, expert led knowledge sessions and site visits to care settings and other industries – you can get as involved as capacity allows;
  5. Members have access to a rich resource of QI experience and knowledge through being part of the community – you can share and receive tacit knowledge and advice from a wider network of peers in your region and beyond!

Why use the Life QI Platform?

  1. It's FREE! (have I mentioned that?), each organisation in our geography (Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria) have 500 licences per organisation (that includes health, local authority and even third sector organisations who are doing QI;
  2. The Life QI platform is built around the Model for Improvement framework for accelerating improvement and facilitates improvement work – it has online tools to develop and manage driver diagrams, PDSAs, SPC charts and measures for improvement that are easy to navigate and use;
  3. Whether you are a small team working on a single project; an organisation with a portfolio of QI activity; or an entire region rolling out a national initiative, Life provides an easy to access platform for all your QI work;
  4. The developers at Life have provided us with a great learning centre with lots of advice about how to use the system so that you can get on and start using it – they have even covered issues of IG so that you can be assured that the platform is compliant;
  5. There are plans to develop the system further and users will be given the opportunity to feed ideas into the plans so that it becomes a meaningful and easy to use tool for you and your organisation.

Finally, I know that there are many individuals and teams in our region who work tirelessly to put the six dimensions of health care quality as guiding principles into the care that we design and deliver. We are fortunate to have AQuA working across our geography developing capabilities for improvement and working in partnership with us to deliver safety programmes.

MIAA offers support for the Quality Improvement Network (QIN) which we can link into and many of our university partners deliver improvement taught courses to undergraduates and post graduates. We have also had recent success as a region in showcasing our human factors expertise demonstrated at our Patient Safety Hackathon which was sponsored by the Patient Safety Collaborative.

If you want to find out more and get involved in our work and to find out more about the Q initiative or the Life system then please email us at

Juliette Kumar, Associate Director for Improvement and Education 


Posted by: Juliette Kumar, on: 28 March 2017