STOP and Go Programme

Older people

STOP and Go is a European wide project and the acronym stands for "Sustainable Technology For Older People - Get Organised"

The objectives of the work are to pilot an innovative procurement process to improve the lives of older citizens and through this process to create a European Specification Template for interoperable services and outcomes. The deliverables of the work will also include a reference business case and support materials which will recognise that technology is about service transformation and supporting the delivery of care rather than a bolt on piece of technology.

As part of this project, there are pilots happening in four countries across six localities where our local area is East Cheshire. Each project will have a patient sample of no more than 5,000 and there is a three year time scale on the work.

The desired outcome from this project is to both improve care to patients through technology enabled services and produce a template for the procurement of technology enabled care and support for older people, that can be used throughout Europe which has been tried and tested and proved to be of great value.

NEW! Open Market Consultation (OMC)

Partners in the STOP and GO project are delighted to invite you to take part in an Open Market Consultation (OMC) on the project"s European Specification Template (EST). This EST will be used by 7 partner procurers to procure services worth over £17million and benefitting at least 5,000 people. Those procurements and the resulting services will be evaluated within the project and the final version of the EST will comprise all the good practice that results from the evaluation.

To find out more about the consultation and to access the EST, click here

For more information please contact:

Lindsay Sharples

T:  01772 520263