Patient Safety Collaborative

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About the Patient Safety Collaborative

We lead the North West Coast collaborative within the national Patient Safety Collaborative programme, delivered in partnership with the 14 other AHSN-led collaboratives and NHS Improvement. 

The programme was set up in the wake of the Berwick report, ‘A promise to learn, a commitment to act’ to tackle the leading causes of avoidable harm to patients. The regional collaboratives enable local patients and healthcare staff to work together to identify safety priorities and develop solutions.

Read all about the Patient Safety Collaborative in the brochure: A commitment to act

We work together across England on a number of key priority areas including three national workstreams:


  • safety culture
  • physical deterioration including sepsis
  • maternity and neonatal care.

We also deliver a local patient safety programme informed by the needs of our stakeholders through our patient safety expert group. This programme includes:


  • Atrial fibrillation: We deploy detection technology and encourage adoption of the CCG AF dashboard; we are supporting the spread of genotype guided dosing for warfarin patients.
  • Point of care testing: We are evaluating the use of a novel technology in a primary care setting aimed at improving antibiotic stewardship and identifying sepsis. 
  • Medicines optimisation: We are introducing pharmacists into GP practices through the ‘Closing the gap’ programme and will evaluate their impact on prescribing safety and efficiency.
  • Falls: the award winning regional programme ‘Steady On’ is being deployed into care homes and is designed to identify those residents at risk of falls who could benefit from early intervention. 
  • Care home programme: We are upskilling staff working in this sector with e-learning packages and using tools such as the Anticipatory Care Calendar. This work enables the early recognition of conditions such as dehydration or sepsis and allows timely intervention, avoiding hospital admission.
  • Fracture prevention: we are working with our CCGs to proactively identify those patients at risk of osteoporosis and fracture ensuring that preventative medication can be offered. 
  • Capability building and culture change: We share knowledge and work with partner organisations to support a workforce skilled in change management methodologies and ready to adopt innovation. This includes work delivered on our behalf by AQuA and our networks of Q Fellows, Clinical Evidence Champions and Innovation Scouts.

You can find out more in our business plan.