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Patient Safety Collaborative

The Innovation Agency leads the Patient Safety Collaborative for the North West Coast.

The collaborative has three national workstreams focussing on growing a robust safety culture, developing maternal and neonatal patient safety, and enhancing outcomes for deteriorating patients.

This work is a partnership between the AHSN Network and NHS Improvement.

In addition, a range of local programmes has been developed to improve safety and promote the wellbeing of our local population. 

Maternal and neonatal

This is to provide a high quality healthcare experience for all women, babies and families across maternity care settings in England by improving safety and reducing unwarranted variation in care.


This is to focus on reducing avoidable harm and enhancing the outcomes and experience of deteriorating patients across England. This will be achieved by improving the reliability of how deterioration is recognised, delivering a consistent treatment response and ensuring communication with patients, their families and carers and between professionals is effective through the use of clear and common language.

Safety culture collaborative

This is to raise awareness of the relevance and impact of culture on safety while building capability to support culture change; developing these conditions will enable organisations to nurture and develop a culture that allows safety to flourish. 

Local programmes

We support a number of local patient safety programmes; these are diverse in nature but are united in their aim to improve patient safety through innovation.

This is a rapidly evolving area with a constant stream of new innovations; however, the current broad areas of focus include: Atrial Fibrillation, medicines safety and healthy ageing. It also encompasses learning resources including the Anticapatory Care Calender.

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