We play an active role in European partnerships as a Core Partner of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health Knowledge and Innovation Community; and as a member of the European Connected Health Alliance.

The EIT partnership gives us access to multi-national partners; funding to implement innovation and to improve health in our region; and funding for SMEs we support.

We have a European programme manager focused on supporting SMEs and public sector partners to access EU funding and identify collaboration partners. In the last two years, this has led to two SMEs each receiving €50,000 from the EIT to fund commercialisation; and two public sector partners each being awarded around €1m to procure innovative technologies - Liverpool City Council, for the implementation of novel assistive technologies in people’s homes through STOPandGO; and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust to develop an innovative remote monitoring service for elderly people with bradycardia, through Ritmocore.

We are also one of 74 reference sites in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, a network of leading organisations working to advance innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe.

The project ‘Elderly oriented, Network based Service Aimed at independent liFE’ (ENSAFE) is a European Ambient Assisted Living programme through which we have been testing the use of mobile phone and sensor-based systems, to help older people with mild to moderate care needs to support their independence.

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