This series of workshops take participants through an action-learning approach to explore a system problem, set a system improvement goal and work with unusual suspects to develop solutions. This programme can be tailored to meet the needs of your system challenges.

What is an action learning set? 
An action learning set (ALS) is a group of people within a workplace that meet with the specific intention of solving workplace problems. The main aim of an ALS is to come away with a set of realistic actions that will help to solve or understand the issues at hand. Learn more. 

Learning outcomes

  • Explain ALS practices as a system approach and distinguish what it can and cannot provide to groups
  • Explore the ALS model of group facilitation 
  • Work on real problems as small groups and facilitate the group to act either as an individual, team or organisation  
  • Develop creative, flexible and successful strategies for pressing problems 
  • Practice coaching conversations to build problem-solving confidence and capacity    
  • Share your experiences and use it to influence the system
  • Act as an ambassador for your work and team/organisation

This programme is for any small group of professions that are working on a topic or problem.   


  • Six sessions (2 hours each)
  • Up to 6 participants

Each session has a trained coach who will hold space and tailor your ALS experience to the context of your team’s organisation or system learning and improvement needs.

How to join
Please contact to have an initial conversation about bringing this programme to your organisation.

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