Appreciative inquiries work to understand a current state through a series of structured discovery conversations with a broad range of relevant professionals. It can be used at a variety of stages, either pre-implementation to identify innovation need or post-implementation to understand the barriers and enablers to successful adoption of an innovation.


This is relevant for any group of professionals who want to understand a current state.


This approach uses a structured facilitation guide to undertake a series of interview-based discovery conversations with a broad range of relevant professionals. The conversations intend to: 

  • be a deep dive into the reality of a current state,  
  • understand the priorities and viewpoints of individuals working in the system,
  • stimulate thinking around a certain topic, 
  • surface key characteristics of successful innovation adoption,
  • understand barriers to wider adoption and why variation exists, 
  • identify areas where innovation could provide a solution.

This results in a report that reflects what has been heard from participants and makes suggestions for opportunities for innovation and next steps. 

How to join

Contact Charlotte Hall, Workforce Programme Manager, for more information.  

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