The Blood Pressure Quality Improvement (BPQI) Toolkit is a collaboratively and locally developed QI package that embeds into EMIS and System One and supports general practice teams to deliver best practice through dashboards, consultation templates and more. The Innovation Agency has a dedicated team supporting partners in the North West Coast to improve management of hypertension.

The BPQI Toolkit with instructions can be downloaded as a package from this portal. Any practice interested in downloading the toolkit is encouraged to contact us for support with implementation.

The BPQI Toolkit is

  • free;
  • aligned to NICE quality standards;
  • aligned to QoF;
  • compliant with BP@home and UCLP Proactivecare@home frameworks;
  • supports general practice recovery from the pandemic crisis and return to pre-pandemic levels;


The main components are

  1. A practice-based dashboard which risk stratifies named hypertensive patients into priority groups; benchmarks the quality of BP control against NICE quality standards and identifies patients with high latest BP readings but not on the hypertension register.
  2. An anonymised PCN overview level dashboard of the above.
  3. A consultation template targeted at nursing and clinical pharmacy staff. The template includes prompts and supportive resources to enable a good quality hypertension consultation.
  4. A practice protocol that includes useful flowcharts re diagnosis and management of BP and links to UCLP resources.
  5. A patient information leaflet that can be given or emailed to patients. The patient information leaflet also contains a patient’s current blood pressure and their target.


Image shows part of the BPQI dashboard. The dashboard uses practice level data to support data cleansing and identify patients at risk or not optimally managed.


Watch the BPQI dashboard in action and how it supports the detection and monitoring of hypertension.

Continuous improvement is a skill requirement for all staff working across healthcare. Here, Jane Briers explains how a Quality Improvement (QI) tool for Blood Pressure can be easily used to sustain changes that will enhance patient safety and patient care in primary care.

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