Through our extensive network of contacts in healthcare, academic, science and industry we can introduce you to the right people to speed up the adoption of new products, technologies and services.

Brokering relationships between business, health and education to deliver high impact innovations throughout the region, is a priority of the Innovation Agency.

Creating partnerships between our members to accelerate the adoption of innovation through evaluation, pre-procurement and procurement, we also guide companies through the NHS landscape and advise how to overcome barriers to adoption.

Our Innovation Scouts network promotes the development and adoption of innovative technologies and practices. The programme brings together NHS partners and like-minded individuals to work together and better understand the challenges and cultural implications needed to adopt innovative practices.

Our Ecosystem events  bring together healthcare professionals, academia, science and industry to discuss new and upcoming health issues with previous events featuring digital technology and the use of Big Data to help provide health and social care solutions. Hackathons encourage joint working between NHS partners and industry on a large scale, and we also run partnering sessions during regular events – 51 were hosted last year - aimed to further promote collaboration.

If you require additional information please contact our Business Connect Team on 01772 520263 or complete the online Business Connect enquiry form to help us understand how we can support your business.

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