Cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke prevention and respiratory disease are Innovation Agency priorities for innovation and improvement from 2020-2023.

We continue to support the NHS national ambitions for CVD and ambitions in the North West Coast to reduce heart attacks and strokes, as well as improving outcomes for people with respiratory disease, with a strong focus on health inequalities.

The North West Coast continues to have some of the highest numbers of patients who suffer from these conditions and some of the highest numbers of deaths in England. This places a huge economic burden on the NHS and other services. Incidence, mortality and premature deaths are higher in disadvantaged groups and areas of social deprivation and the Innovation Agency is committed to tackling these health inequalities.


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10 year cardiovascular disease ambitions for England


We continue to work in atrial fibrillation and will support our ICS with hypertension work. A new focus for us will be on lipids.

We will also start rolling out the Long Term Conditions framework developed by our fellow AHSN UCLPartners. This framework supports primary care in adopting virtual-first approaches with a strong focus on risk-stratifying patients and encouraging self-management.

For further details please contact our Associate Director of Transformation Dr Julia Reynolds:

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