Our service redesign programme aims to co-creates a future state that improves outcomes by introducing innovations that optimise the deployment of resources while embracing the concepts of integrated care. The coaching approach within this programme is centred on supporting people through change with a focus on mindsets and behaviours and is part of a wider programme offer addressing complex change. 


A group of relevant stakeholders including service users, clinicians, service managers, third sector partners and commissioners. 


This programme includes a series of workshops with the stakeholder group to: 

  • establish a current state of the service concerned,
  • identify barriers and challenges within the current state,
  • understand current capacity and demand, and factors affecting it,
  • imagine a future state that addresses identified challenges,
  • socialise and iterate the future state to create a design,
  • scan for innovation to support the future state concept,
  • model benefits of implementation.

How to join

This is part of a wider programme offer around complex change and service redesign. If you have a service that is struggling to find time to think about improvements but you need to optimise your pathways, please contact Charlotte Hall, Workforce Programme Manager, to discuss this model.

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