Placing inquiry at the heart of our conversations can build healthy cultures, empower colleagues and enable learning as a core process. In our discovery workshops, your coach will lead your group through a series of reflective exercises to surface group perspectives and needs regarding innovation and improvement. We guarantee you will come away feeling inspired by a shared purpose to address your common challenge(s).

Learning outcomes

These sessions aim to facilitate solution development and implementation. We can help you:

  • Explore and design the future route. The Innovation Agency can then support implementing and operationalising the change with programme managers.
  • Clarify the challenge and gather evidence and insights.
  • Facilitating system co-design groups.


These workshops are for anyone in the North West Coast who is working to improve and innovate health and social care. You do not have to be NHS staff or have a background in innovation.


This these workshops are the perfect space to connect and problem solve using the group’s knowledge prompted by impactful coaching questions.




How to join


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