Driving Innovation

Innovation is critical in enabling better outcomes for patients.


The Innovation Agency is committed to the spread and adoption of innovation across the North West Coast connecting NHS, academia, local authorities and businesses to improve health and generate economic growth.

Innovation is driven through a range of initiatives including:

  • The Innovation Exchange - an online forum for NHS staff and innovators across the healthcare sector to share ideas, innovative solutions, projects and products to improve patient care. Managed by the Innovation Agency, the Innovation Exchange connects those looking for improved, effective and more efficient ways of working.


  • The Innovation Scouts Programme (LINK)  - a network of healthcare professionals who encourage the development of innovation, stimulate the creation of ideas, and drive a culture of innovation within their organisations. The Innovation Agency promotes and supports the programme through training and regular networking events.


  • Innovation Centres (LINK) across the North West Coast have been develop to act as hubs for health, academic and industry partners involved in joint projects. The Innovation Agency’s role can include pump prime funding, helping attract major investment from European and other sources; and introductions to potential investors and collaborators. Five centres have already been developed with a further five to be developed by XXXX (WHAT YEAR)


  • Hackathons – working with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) the Innovation Agency hackathons bring together people from different backgrounds and expertise to help find solutions to healthcare problems via multiple diverse perspectives. Recent hackathons have looked at the issues of children’s health and care homes.


In addition, the Innovation Agency supports the drive of innovation through national programmes: the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) and the NHS Innovation Accelerator.(LINK TO PROGRAMMES)


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