Evaluation Fundamentals is an online course to support your journey through evaluating your innovation. The course covers types of evaluation and examples of the methodology you could undertake. It also details the ways you can use your findings to optimally demonstrate the value of your innovation in a health and care setting.

The refreshed and updated content will enable you to start building the evidence needed for your potential customers to make an informed decision to adopt your innovation.

What does the course include?

There are 6 modules, and each module is self-directed and includes reading, resources, and a challenge to stimulate your thinking and evaluation planning.

The modules within this course are:

  1. Introduction to Evaluation
  2. Process, Outcome or Impact Evaluation
  3. Economic evaluation
  4. Real-World Validation (RWVs) vs Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
  5. Planning an Evaluation
  6. Optimising Your Results

How long is the course?

A time commitment of 1-3 hours per week over 6 weeks is recommended.

Will I get any support?

There are weekly coaching sessions and individual feedback to all your challenge submissions.

You can also access additional advice and support from the Innovation Agency and our academic partners if needed.

How can I register?

For information about upcoming dates for this programme, please contact:

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