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The latest thinking and innovations for empowering care homes and reducing demand on primary care

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Regulated care perspective from Lancashire County Council
Regulated care perspective from Lancashire County Council

The county council’s quality strategy aims to ensure there is equitable choice of high-quality provision and an increase in ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ care homes: that requires effective leadership and improved relationships with providers.

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Alzheimer’s Society care home research and innovation
Colin Capper, Head of Research Development and Evaluation, Alzheimer’s Society

Involving care homes in research may help reduce the lag between breakthroughs in the lab and the adoption of new technology on the front line. We also hear about Jelly Drops, sweets that contain 90 per cent water that can keep people with dementia hydrated.

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The art of the possible and the patient journey
Nathan Downing, Lead Associate, Business Strategy and Service Transformation at TSA, and Gerry Hodgson, CEO of software company Cascade3d

Nathan Downing says the TSA is the representative body for technology enabled care (TEC) services. One of its guiding principles is to focus on people’s needs and how technology can meet them, rather than focus on the capabilities of the technology itself.

Gerry Hodgson describes how the experience of his father, who is in his 90s, has been improved by technology-enabled care.

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Sunderland Well Connected Care Homes
Rachael Forbister, TECS Programme Manager

A number of initiatives, including the introduction of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) assessment in care homes, and the use of the ‘blue box’ toolkit, has prompted a significant fall in the number of non-elective hospital admissions in Sunderland.

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Using telehealth to support care homes
Peter Almond, Programme Manager, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

While telehealth has only recently been introduced in the Mersey Care area, patient-reported outcomes are promising: there has been a 40 per cent reduction in the need to visit hospital or a GP. Now a new model of provision sees community matrons, care home staff and GPs joining forces to deliver better care.

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The Wirral teletriage service
Alison Smith, RN, and Emma James, RN, Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust

Teletriage is a 24-hour system offering clinical support to care homes. Its benefits are clear, and include a 78 per cent reduction in NHS 111 calls from care homes. Care home feedback has also been positive, with 93 per cent of staff saying its use has improved the care experience for residents.

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Summary Website
Tunstall Nurse call technology enables providers to become more effective and efficient, moving from room-centred to person-centred care.
Safe Steps Safe Steps is a digital falls risk assessment tool, designed to reduce the number of falls in care homes. 
RESTORE2 Physical deterioration and escalation tool for care/nursing homes.
Rinicare PRIME collects NEWS data remotely and integrates with EMIS and TPP.



Summary Website
AI Rehab Knee and hip rehab device.
Aquarate Fluid balance monitoring.
Cascade3d Early intervention smart sensor.
DriverNet Mobile workforce digital interface.
Elemental Portfolio of social prescribing services.
Health Call Digital care home to community nurse referrals.
Inhealthcare Remote patient monitoring platform.
The Key Safe Company One Touch lanyard mounted device.
MDI Medical Vscan Extend™ handheld, ultrasound system.
Nova Biomedical A range of point of care testing solutions.
NurseCare system IP nurse call and e-healthcare documentation.
NW Autism & SEND Consultancy One hour lego therapy sessions.
ORCHA Health app library and advice.
PacSana Wearable sensors for staff allocation insights.
Productive Integration Air quality and environment monitoring.
Possum Technology enable care and assistive technology.
Whzan Digital early intervention and vital sign and key assessments.

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