12 December 2019, 9:00 - 13:00


Innovation in emergency and unplanned admissions in respiratory care

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Dr Binita Kane, Clinical Lead Health Innovation Manchester Respiratory Programme

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Innovation in integrated care

The devolution project in Greater Manchester allowed for a reassessment of priorities. Health Innovation Manchester worked with health and care and industry partners to determine those priorities: the system agreed that a radical shift was needed in how COPD patients are managed and a move from doctor-centric secondary care models to continuous community-based team support.

John Black and Carol Liddle describe their patient journeys

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Carol Liddle - Sing to breathe

Carol Liddle describes how joining a singing group has helped her manage her respiratory condition, and her daughter Natasha describes how she became a group coach, to set up the Wigan Warblers.

Dr Jennifer Hoyle, Consultant and Occupational Lung Disease Lead, Northern Care Alliance

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Influenza in Greater Manchester

More than a quarter of all COPD admissions in Greater Manchester are for flu. Dr Hoyle and her colleagues explored how to overcome the barriers to taking the flu jab and launched a project to promote uptake in secondary care settings. The project is proving so successful the team now wants to extend it to all respiratory outpatient clinics.

Dr Julia Reynolds, Head of Programmes, Innovation Agency

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Respiratory innovation

The Innovation Agency’s role is to connect various parts of the NHS system with each other and with industry and the third sector. A great deal of work is going on in the North West Coast in the respiratory care field that meets national priorities, including test-beds to explore technology that supports COPD patients: the challenge is to ensure the best technology is widely adopted.

Paul McGinness, Director, Storm ID

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AI-powered remote monitoring of COPD patients

Working with the NHS in the Glasgow area, Storm ID’s artificial intelligence monitoring system aims to deliver supported self-management for patients and meaningful data to the care team. The aim is to create a continuous service that prevents one hospital readmission per patient per year.

Kate Burnett, Head of School, Physician Associates Scheme, Health Education England

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The workforce matter: understanding the value of physician associates

The health service sometimes struggles to value and empower its workforce, but a new breed of healthcare professional – the physician associate – may form be at least part of the solution. Physician associates work to the medical model and the skills and attitude they bring may deliver tangible improvements in respiratory care.

Dr Sarah Sibley, Clinical Lead Community Respiratory Service, Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust

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Cheshire and Merseyside respiratory improvement programme

Estimates suggest that the lives of up to 234 patients with respiratory disease in Cheshire and Merseyside could be saved each year by doing things slightly differently. Physician associates add flexibility to the workforce and can help in both the primary and secondary settings, moving between the two according to the time of year.

Janet Davies, Programme Lead, Technology Enabled Care, Healthy Lancashire and South Cumbria

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Can technology help to reduce emergency and unplanned admissions in respiratory?

A project in Lancashire and South Cumbria concluded that a combination of digital and traditional care for respiratory patients could be highly effective. However, one size does not fit all, patients benefit most from personalised care plans, and giving patients information in a variety of ways increased their ability to manage their condition.



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Alertacall Cost-effective daily contact - providing daily health checks and improving patient communication with smart technology and a specially trained team - providing an early indication of changing needs to ensure timely interventions.
Spirit Healthcare CliniTouch Vie is our digital health platform which connects patients and clinicians to keep those with long-term conditions out of hospital.  Our evidence is impressive! In our COPD cohort, CliniTouch Vie reduces non-elective admissions by 67%.



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Health Navigator Health Navigator works with eHealth, telemedicine, and other healthcare organizations to deliver the highest quality evidence-based digital health content.
FebriDX Device that can identify a clinically significant acute respiratory infection and differentiate viral from bacterial causes.
Storm ID We design, develop and deliver digital services that improve people’s lives, helping our clients achieve results.
ORCHA The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) offers unique app review, accreditation, curation and prescription services.
Rinicare Rinicare are specialists in IT and healthcare. We provide intuitive, easy to use products, bespoke to our customer’s needs.
Docobo The efficient implementation of digital health solutions, supporting professional staff to deliver world-class care, and enabling patients to self-manage at home.

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