9 July 2019, 09:00 – 13:00 BST


The latest thinking and innovations for bringing about care closer to home across our health and care systems


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ECHAlliance update – joining the dots of care closer to home
Una Davey, network project manager, ECHAlliance

The ECHAlliance is a global network of health ecosystems that can break down silos, transform healthcare delivery and create economic growth. Projects in the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland can help point the way for our development of care closer to home.

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The patient journey
Phil Edwards, patient experience speaker

Phil, from Heysham in Lancashire, is in conversation with Alan Davies and describes how a smartphone app helps him monitor three long-term conditions and allows him to continue working on an offshore oil rig.

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How digital is supporting the delivery of stronger primary care
Dr Masood Nazir, GP and Associate CCIO for primary care digital transformation programmes, NHSX

NHSX wants to reduce the burden on healthcare professionals so they can focus on patients, and plans to do so by giving people the means to access information and services directly. It aims to ensure clinical information can be accessed safely, wherever it is needed: ‘Why can we not ensure the relevant technology is available everywhere?’

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The importance of point-of-care testing to the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership
Terry Whalley, director of delivery for Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership

Point-of-care testing can enable more rapid clinical decision-making, and, given Cheshire and Merseyside spends more than £4 billion on healthcare, the prize associated with transforming models of care is immense. Such testing reduces unwarranted variation and unnecessary duplication.

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The use of point-of-care testing to deliver tier one diagnostics anywhere
Dr Martin Myers MBE, consultant clinical biochemist and director of clinical biochemistry, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A window of opportunity has opened which allows us to alter the model for delivering healthcare. If we want to take advantage of it, we need to overcome our biases and ask ourselves: ‘If the technology is here, why aren’t we using it?’

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Data as the key to transforming healthcare: how can everyone win?
Professor George Crooks, Chief Executive Officer, the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre

The centre brings together innovators and entrepreneurs to develop proven solutions that are commercially viable across Scotland and elsewhere. It challenges the notion that ‘nothing changes because everyone thinks someone else will do it’.

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The secret of general practice in the North West: e-consultations
Dr Chris Mimnagh, GP informatician, Wingate Medical Centre, Liverpool

E-consultations are essential to the future of primary care but they are a useful tool, rather than a panacea. There is even the risk they could introduce inequity. ‘It’s not about what the physician wants but what the patient needs.’

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Lancashire and south Cumbria – GP digital retention
Wayne Kirkham, primary care senior programme manager, NHS England and NHS Improvement (North West)

Many GPs with family responsibilities are leaving general practice and evidence suggests that one of the solutions is greater investment in technology to encourage remote working: ‘We have to look after our professionals to retain their high-quality skills.’

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Summary Website
Deloitte Support, system design and delivery, insights and thought leadership based on the key trends, challenges and opportunities within the healthcare and life sciences industry.
Freestyle Libre The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system is designed to liberate patients from the hassles of glucose monitoring. Clinically approved digital urinalysis. Our product is as accurate as the standard lab based urinalysis analyser.
lumiraDx The LumiraDx Platform is an innovative, next generation point of care diagnostic system that combines a small, portable instrument, advanced low cost test strip and seamless digital connectivity.
RPS diagnostic (FebriDx) FebriDx® is a rapid, 10-minute, point-of-care
diagnostic test that identifies a pathogenassociated systemic host immune response to acute respiratory infection (ARI), allowing differentiation of viral from bacterial etiologies.



Summary Website
apoplex medical technologies Remote AF screening to prevent a stroke
Ascensia Improving health and lives of people with diabetes
Current Health Remote patient monitoring platform
Docobo Remote monitoring and intervention tracking
EnTech Health Innovative healthcare technologies
InHealthCare Digital health integrated development environment
JJ Housing Digital innovations and monitoring platform
MDI Medical Portable ultrasound technologies
Med eTrax Blood pressure, pulse, SPo2, respiration rate and weight patient record
Nova Biomedical Smart mobility platforms for every journey
Philips At home service model for patients suffering with sleep related ailments
Rinicare Health and care workforce transformation
SilverCloud Online access to CBT /IAPT interventions
Visionable Video collaboration between patients and clinicians

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