3 February 2022, 10:00 - 12:00

NWC Collaborative: COPD & Asthma discharge care bundles online meeting

Join us for our first North West Coast collaborative event to discuss COPD and Asthma discharge care bundles.

This event will provide a platform to establish a supportive network for North West Coast trusts, designed to:-

  • Prioritise and implement discharge care bundles
  • Provide opportunities to share best practice between trusts: raise challenges and suggest solutions
  • Include QI methodology and approaches
  • Discuss patient centred approaches and share resources
  • Raise awareness of health equity and improve outcomes among vulnerable patients

This event is aimed at those who work with teams within the North West Coast and are actively involved in COPD/Asthma care. In particular we would welcome representation from:

  • COPD clinical leads
  • Asthma clinical leads
  • Acute respiratory nursing teams
  • Community respiratory nursing teams
  • NACAP audit leads
  • NACAP audit team – audit clerk/audit support
  • QI teams
  • Patient Safety Specialists

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