18 October 2021, 12:00 - 13:30

This webinar will provide an opportunity to share the work being carried out regionally in line with the Managing Deterioration Safety Improvement Programme (ManDetSIP) which aims to reduce deterioration-associated harm by improving the prevention, identification, escalation and response to physical deterioration, through better system co-ordination and as part of safe and reliable pathways of care.

The aim of this meeting is to discuss the Responding to non-COVID-19: Identification of Deterioration in Children element of the Patient Safety Strategy. An opportunity to share the outstanding work that is being carried out across the health and social care system in the North West Coast.

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Why is this important?

As part of this event, the Patient Safety Networks will demonstrate how the Innovation Agency are supporting the delivery of the NHS System-wide Paediatric Observations Tracking (SPOT) programme. Our ambition in supporting the SPOT programme is to reduce deterioration associated harm in children and young people. These collaborative learning events will take place four times a year.

The Patient Safety Networks provide a national architecture or the ‘engine room’ for improvement in patient safety at a sub-regional level. They directly support a number of systems and take ownership of the National Patient Safety Improvement Programmes (NatPatSIPs) national driver diagrams.


Who is this event for?

All staff within Paediatrics services across the health and social care system in the North West region.

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