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A library of innovations which are segmented by category and classified on adoptability.

The Exchange contains curated priority area collections including: Workforce,  Remote consultation and observation,  Endoscopy,  Infection Control,  Outpatients,  Respiratory/ Pulmonary Rehab,  Pre-Operative Assessments and Mental Health

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commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, ERDF and the Office for Life Sciences

Programmes include Cardio-respiratory,   Maternity and Neonatal,  NHS @home,  COVID-19,  Mental Health,  Managing Deterioration,  Medicines and many more

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From the AHSN Atlas with proven impacts and outcomes

Innovation Insights

Deep dive in to health and care specialisms from the Innovation Agency

Pulmonary rehabiliation  |  Maternity outpatients

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Hear from industry leaders and view showcased innovations from Innovation Agency 'ecosystem' events

Summaries include: Emergency and unplanned care in respiratory,  Care homes,  Care closer to home and Workforce challenges

Innovation Agency case studiesView innovations >
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Our COVID-19 story

Previous annual reports: Book of highlights 2019/20,  Success Stories 2018/19 and Interactive annual report 2017/18

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All the latest from the Innovation Agency...