18 June 2020


A new round of funding is available to Q members to support quality improvement work in the North West Coast.

The Q community is a network of individuals working together to improve health and care.

Last year the Innovation Agency set up the Kitty Fund which offered small sums of money for Q members to develop their quality improvement work.

We have now secured funding from the Health Foundation, which launched the Q community, to further enhance this work.

All Q members can apply for £200 from the scheme, known as the Kick Start QI fund, to hold specialist themed meetings aimed at helping members collaborate more meaningfully.

Karla Rimaitis, Q Partner for the community at the Innovation Agency, said: “The previous funding scheme, the Kitty Fund, was very successful in helping frontline staff attend the sessions, so we’re very pleased to have secured this latest funding.

“Because of restrictions on face-to-face meetings we’ve invested in technology which will be a dedicated resource for Q members to hold virtual meetings. We have 35 pots of funding that can be spent on anything that supports virtual collaboration.”

Louise Waters, Extended Scope Physiotherapy Practitioner at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, who used the funding earlier in the year, said: “Thanks to the Kitty Fund I was able to host a 'Digital Allied Health Professional Event' to build on some earlier service innovation via the Digital Pioneer Programme.

“Our aims were to network with other AHPs interested in digital improvements. We hoped to learn from each other’s experiences and share possible solutions to our day-to-day difficulties.

“We had two high-profile and engaging speakers with a wealth of experience on the subject matter and we were left with hopes of future meetings and engagement to aid digital transformation. Initial progress was halted due to COVID-19, but we are now starting to think about restoring this activity.”


The deadline for applications is 31 August.



Visit our communities of practice page for more information about the Q initiative >
Download Kick Starts for QI in North West Coast leaflet >


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