Insight into maternity outpatient innovations

11 December 2019 by Mandy Townsend

Hello My Name is Mandy, I am a biomedical scientist and I work in Patient Safety at the Innovation Agency. I know that I am truly lucky, working across the whole North West Coast to help frontline services improve. My role gives me a unique view of the NHS services I work with, and to lots of really exciting innovations that are coming through to help us improve NHS care even faster.


Blog: Supporting women in life sciences – at number 10

9 October 2019 by Liz Mear

Earlier this month I had the privilege to attend the inaugural Women in Life Sciences Forum, facilitated by the American Pharmaceutical Group, with support from 10 Downing Street and the Office for Life Sciences.


Blog: Preventing catastrophes through good team working

28 August 2019 by Juliette Kumar

Every single day in health and care organisations catastrophes are prevented from occurring. This is not just down to the fact that people are highly trained, but also because they work in teams where they are able to speak out when they see a problem.

Psychological safety is the term that describes this phenomenon; it is where people in teams are not afraid to admit mistakes and where problems are seen as learning opportunities. 



Blog: Let’s close the North-South health gap

12 August 2019 by Liz Mear

At the Innovation Agency we have a mission to help people live longer, healthier lives. 

This means preventing them from becoming ill, or if they become ill, ensuring that they can live with health conditions in a way that helps them to have a full, meaningful life. 


Blog: Huge potential of point-of-care testing

1 August 2019 by Terry Whalley

I entered the NHS five years ago after spending 20 years in the private sector, latterly in banking. From finance to health is an unusual career trajectory but it helped me bring into the NHS some valuable insights, particularly about attitudes to change.

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