The Innovation Agency is supporting the use of pulse oximeters with COVID patients at home, so they can be monitored for any deterioration in their condition that might require hospital review or admission.


The need to detect deterioration in patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 poses a significant challenge for primary and community services; health and social care teams need to be able to monitor people in their care for early signs of deterioration. Patients at risk of poorer outcomes can be identified by reduced oxygen saturation levels and the ability to recognise decreases in blood oxygen levels at an early stage, before the patient becomes symptomatic, is vital. 

To address this, COVID Virtual Ward models (now referred to as COVID Oximetry@Home) have utilised pulse oximeters to safely monitor and support patients at home; these models provide the opportunity to detect a decline in the patient’s condition that might require hospital review and admission. Early experiences of implementing this approach have been linked to reductions in death, length of stay in hospital and the number of patients requiring intensive care admission and ventilation.


The Innovation Agency (or your regional AHSN) will:
  • Provide oversight of and support for local implementation
  • Engage with system partners
  • Run local webinars
  • Provide training
  • Quality improvement coaching

For more information and access to resources, and for details of the next local webinar, please contact us.

View a recording of our introductory webinar here:

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