Remote consultation: an appreciative enquiry Download

The Innovation Agency has published a wide-ranging report, commissioned by NHS England and Improvement North West, into the use of remote consultations for outpatients

Safer care during COVID-19 Download

The AHSN Network, of which the Innovation Agency is a part, has published a rapid-learning report on the role of Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) during the pandemic.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) training guide Download

The latest phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS – also known as ETP2) involves the electronic transfer of the prescription to either the patient’s nominated pharmacy via the Spine. By using EPS Phase 4 users can transfer a prescription to the Spine to be dispensed by any pharmacy where the patient presents. The patient can then collect the prescription from the pharmacy without needing a paper prescription.

Accelerated Access Collaborative Download

Formed in response to the Accelerated Access Review, published October 2016, the AAC brings together industry, government and the NHS in order to deliver the worldleading innovation that will be transformational for patient outcomes - removing barriers to the uptake of the very best new solutions, so that NHS patients have faster than ever access to innovations.

Patient safety in partnership Download

Our plan for a safer future 2019-2025

Physical Deterioration Download

The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NPSIP)’s deteriorating patient workstream aims to improve the recognition and response to deterioration in all care settings for adult patients, supporting the adoption of NEWS2 in acute and ambulance care.

Maternal and Neonatal Safety Download

The National Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme is working to improve the safety, outcomes and experience of women and babies using maternal and neonatal care services across England. The programme contributes to the National Maternity Transformation Programme.

Adoption and Spread Download

The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NPSIP) is in a unique position to identify and support the spread and adoption of effective evidence-based practice across England. This workstream facilitates and accelerates the pace of adoption making sure that the whole system can benefit from these interventions.

National Patient Safety Improvement Programme Download

The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme, delivered regionally by the 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives across England, is the largest safety improvement initiative in the history of the NHS.

The AHSN Network impact report 2018/2019 Download

The work of England’s AHSNs is transforming lives through innovation – delivering better health outcomes, improving patient experience and safety, driving down the costs of care and supporting economic growth.

Success Stories - Improving patient safety Download

We deliver the national Patient Safety Collaborative programme in the North West Coast, in collaboration with the AHSN Network and NHS Improvement. The focus has been on three areas: early identification of deterioration; maternal and neonatal health safety; and a culture of continuous improvement. In addition, we help to introduce and spread innovations which improve patient safety

Success stories - Patient and public involvement Download

We involve patients and public in all our work programmes – testing tech and apps; providing feedback and helping to shape plans and projects; and as volunteer AF Ambassadors.

NHS Innovation Accelerator brochure March 2019 Download

High impact evidence-based healthcare solutions for patient, population and NHS staff benefit

How we support Lancashire companies to do business with the NHS Download

Getting a product to market is difficult at the best of times, and the NHS is no different. Having a great product is only part of the puzzle. You then need to understand the NHS priorities, navigate the various and complex NHS systems and structures and find the key decision-makers to start making a real difference to patient care.

TCAM Example Community Pharmacist Perspective Download

When a patient is discharge from a a local hospital, hospital staff will send a referral via PhamOutcomes to that patient's regular pharmacy. To access any referrals, log onto PharmaOutcomes and click on 'Services' tab

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