Helping partners find the right solution


Our role as an innovation partner with NHS and social care organisations in the North West Coast involves helping to find solutions relevant to their needs.

We use our wide networks to identify products which have been proved to be effective – and cost-efficient. These may be the work of local small businesses or of companies working with AHSNs in other parts of the country; they may be in our national NHS accelerator programmes or they may be the result of collaborations by health and care partners.

Once we have helped the organisation to identify and articulate their need, we will identify relevant products through our Innovation Exchange process. To simplify the selection of products we have created eight themes based on what we know are the high-level redesign challenges of local partners.

These themes are described below and in our brochure, Our offer to health and social care. If we are contacted in the early stages of the search for a solution or change, we can help to avoid unnecessary duplication of existing resources.


In addition, we can provide support with improvement and change management with courses delivered by our Coaching Academy. If patient and public involvement is being considered, we can help through our PPI team and Senate with co-production of new pathways and solutions.


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.


Our solution themes:

Patient activation icon

Patient activation and self-care


Products and services that:

Support people with an existing diagnosis to manage their condition

Provide support and education to increase patient activation that will reduce likelihood of exacerbation

Provide information and advice which helps people maximise their wellbeing

Patient safety icon

Patient safety and quality improvement


Products and services that:

Increase the quality and safety of clinical services

Reduce impacts of human factors

Reduce serious incidents and never events

Improve patient experience

Improve outcomes and reduce
side effects

Primary care icon

Greater support and resource for primary care


Products and services that:

Release GP capacity

Make GP practices more effective and efficient places to work

Digitalising the system


Products and services that:

Trigger a shift from paper based working to digital working

Introduce remote and assistive technology

Enable record sharing and

Population-based intelligence systems

Increase patient access to information and records

Reduce the burden of travel for staff and patients

Independence icon

Independence and


Products and services that:

Improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals and carers

Are targeted at healthy people to keep them well and prevent illness

Support early diagnosis by identifying people at risk of developing disease

Identify people with an existing diagnosis who are at risk of deterioation

Improving flow icon

Improving system flow


Products and services that:

Reduce time spent in hospital

Help navigation of the urgent care system to prevent admissions

Reduce delayed transfers of care

Identify bed availability across the system

Reduce time lost waiting for access and discharge processes

Operational excellence icon

Operational excellence


Products and services that:

Improve effectiveness and efficiency of ‘back office’ nonclinical systems

Reduce running costs of organisations

Are ‘Carter’ products

Do the basics really well, everywhere

Reduce variation and duplication in processes

Help organisations do things better, faster, safer, cheaper

Workforce icon

Workforce resource


Products and services that:

Support the creation of new roles

Increase productivity of the

Offer new technologies that plug gaps in workforce (eg AI in Diagnostics)

Help reduce/avoid duplication and variation in staffing

Support integration of health and social care teams

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