Congratulations! At the end of each innovation adoption project it is important to celebrate success – even if things didn’t go exactly according to plan (you can learn more from mistakes than successes). Celebrating success is a core leadership value and it is not just important for you, but for your team, your organisation and for building reputation of all of these.

Celebrating success shows that you value the original goal, the outcomes achieved and your team for doing good work. It also ensures that your people focus on the positives and not just the negatives.

The following can help you think through how to celebrate success:

Holding a celebration of your own: It does not need to cost a lot; you can get the team together and invite along a senior leader so that your people feel valued for their achievements.

Your own organisation may have an internal recognition scheme for individuals or teams to share their success stories; your communications team will be the best source of information and will help to promote your success.

Recognising teams and individuals for outstanding work achievements – example

Sharing success beyond your organisation through case studies and social media.

Local, regional and national award schemes

HSJ Awards

North West Leadership Academy recognition awards

If you are interested in reading more about these topics the library services at Lancashire Care have pulled together a comprehensive literature review which you can find below:

Literature review - Success (1)

Literature review - Success (2)

Online resources for celebrating success


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