A visual alert for TCAM/e-TCP referrals


To ensure that referrals are actioned in a timely fashion by community pharmacists, the IA and NHSE C&M would like to provide a PharmAlarm device to each participating community pharmacy upon request.

The PharmAlarm provides a visual indication in the pharmacy whenever a hospital discharge referral or other notifications such as NUMSAS is received in PharmOutcomes. This avoids the need for pharmacists to log in to the system to check if a discharge referral has been received and makes the overall use of the PharmOutcomes more user-friendly and interactive.


The IA and NHSE C&M will fund the cost of the PharmAlarms for the first year for those pharmacies which agree to:

  • return the PharmAlarm to the supplier (Pinnacle Health Partnership) at the end of the first year. Devices must be returned within 30 days of the first year-end or will be charged.


  • pay the ongoing licence cost of £1 per week per device, invoiced annually in advance. The licence cost includes the free replacement of a device in the event that it malfunctions provided the existing device is returned to Pinnacle.

To obtain your PharmAlarm, please complete the Agreement Document on the right and send it to a member of the TCAM/e-TCP project team:

Hassan Argomandkhah -

Bruce Prentice -


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