Big Innovation Conversation


The Big Innovation Conversation is a series of bite-sized learning opportunities via WebEx for one hour, every month. They will include innovations that we want to showcase and topics that we want to share. 

Upcoming conversations 

Our conversations are held on the second Thursday of every month. Future topics can be found on our Events page


If you haven't been able to join us at a Big Innovation Conversation you can access the recordings by clicking on the date: 


June 2019 (password: WdMN5RCk)

Digitising the system - hosted by our Associate Director of Digital Change, Jenni West; John Farenden, Senior Programme Lead, NHS England; Zan Virtnik, Implementation Manager, Wellpress; and Kumar Jacob, Chief Executive Officer, Mindwave, exploring Local Health Care Records Exemplars (LHCRE), the background and what they are trying to achieve, and two examples of Person Held Records (PHR) and how they are important to the whole process. 

May 2019 (password: HfX63KsQ)

System Flow - hosted by our Digital Programme Manager, Adrian Quinn; Michael Hanrahan, Project Manager - Assistive Technology, Wirral Health and Care Commissioning; and Taffy Gatawa, Chief Information and Compliance Officer, everyLIFE Technologies, exploring products and services that reduce time spent in hospital, help the navigation of the urgent care system, reduce delayed transfers of care and identify bed availability. 

April 2019 (password: eMGGuZj7)

Patient Activation and Self Care - hosted by our Programme Manager for Transformation, Ed Millensted; Katie Goulding, Organisational Development Facilitator - Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS FT; Dr Campbell Murdoch, Chief Medical Officer, Diabetes Digital Media (click here for his video presentation) and Yvonne Lane - Patient Speaker, exploring products and services that support people with an existing diagnosis to manage their condition. 

March 2019 (password: pWEcWXA6)

Workforce Resource Optimisation - hosted by our Director of Transformation, Carole Spencer; Sue Henry - Workforce Programme Manager; WRaPT and Lantum, exploring the work we are doing to support innovation in workforce development. 

February 2019 (password: BxDZMye8)

Patient Safety - hosted by our Patient Safety team; Alison Jones - Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS FT and Anita Williams - Mersey Care NHS FT providing an update on the new NHSI national safety workstreams. 

November 2018 (password: ZbcPCi93)

Greater support and resource for Primary Care - hosted by my mhealth, My Health UK and UCLan exploring products and services that release GP capacity and make practices more effective and efficient.

October 2018 (password: fE36PVwn)

Operational excellence - hosted by Docobo, Healthcare Communications and Insource, exploring products and services that improve effectiveness and efficiency of non-clinical systems, reduce running costs and prevent variation and duplication of processes.

September 2018 (password: aDVndct8)

Social prescribing - hosted by Jo Ward; Elemental Software and Social Enterprise Solutions, exploring how social prescribing is helping to improve health and wellbeing, and reducing pressure on services.

July 2018 (password: ZtRVWQQ3)

Learning from failure and psychological safety - hosted by Dr Samuel West, Museum of Failure, exploring concepts around failure, how we learn from it and the psychological safety required for safe risk taking.

June 2018 (password: Ne2xfUK7)

E-Sepsis - hosted by Dr Emmanuel Nsutebu, Consultant Infectious Diseases, who leads on the E-Sepsis programme at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust. 

May 2018 (password: 2Dy92VMf)

ESCAPE-Pain - hosted by Professor Mike Hurley, introducing the award winning, NICE and QIPP endorsed programme which helps people to manage joint pain and delay surgery. 

March 2018 (password: uEFsVaG3)

Using artificial intelligence in falls prevention - introducing Kosie's artificial intelligence based fall detection technology and fall prevention roadmap.

January 2018 (password: jEVYbcu2)

Safety and resource optimisation - hosted by three organisations focused on safety and resource optimisation.

  • - Track beds to reduce the time it takes to find the right bed for your patient.
  • My Health UK - A GP platform with a patient app for messaging and reminders, ordering prescriptions, making appointments and remote monitoring that is integrated with the patient record.
  • Rinicare - A health tech company bringing their technology and innovation into the NHS.

December 2017 (password: JaNxcXx9)

  • Introduction to eTCP programme - Andy Shakeshaft, Head of Programmes, Innovation Agency 
  • The case for electronic transfers of care to Community Pharmacy (eTCP) - Hassan Argomandkhah, NHSE and chair of the Merseyside Local Pharmaceutical network
  • eTCP a case study from the Countess of Chester - Dr Chris Green, Chief Pharmacist

November 2017 (password: rAK4M9Am)

  • The evolution of the digital practitioner - Veronica Southern, Clinical Lead in Telesolutions and Digital Leader, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS FT
  • Explaining the landscape of apps in health care - Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and Founder, ORCHA

September 2017 (password: 2XxDdbcw)

  • Global Digital Exemplar - Paul Charnley, Director of IT and Information, Wirral University Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust
  • Lancashire and South Cumbria's Digital Health Strategy - Declan Hadley, Digital Lead and Dr. Amanda Thornton, Digital Health and Activation Clinical Lead, NHS England North

August 2017 (password: BvVb7VcX)

  • Atrial Fibrillation Ambassadors - Debbie Parkinson, Patient & Public Involvement Lead, Innovation Agency
  • What is a Hackathon? -  Juliette Kumar, Associate Director for Education & Improvement, Innovation Agency

July 2017 (password: sE4VpRZa)

  • NHS Innovation Accelerator and Clinical Entrepreneur Programme -  UCL Partners Academic Health Science Partnership
  • Innovation & Technology Tariff - Rob Chesters, Senior Innovation and Research Manager, NHS England

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