“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat”

Course overview

This 12-week foundation course is for curious individuals seeking to develop or reaffirm a mindset for innovative thinking and behaviours. We recommend this course for everyone interested in health and care innovation.


  • Module one - Looking in and looking out: What is my relationship with innovation and what does it mean to move as an innovator in the world?
  • Module two - Stepping into the unknown: How can I expand my thinking processes in an innovative way?
  • Module three - Breaking the rules: How might I disrupt stagnant patterns of thinking to create innovative habits?
  • Module four - So what?  Why does my innovator's mindset matter in transforming systems? How can I effect positive and meaningful change?

Each themed module contains:

  • Food-for-thought video
  • Content to read and explore
  • Reflective discussion prompt
  • Challenge for feeding back
  • Research and resources


The 12-week programme will be supported by an interactive chat forum and an optional virtual Innovation Coaching and Collaboration session once a week.



  • How much time should I expect to spend on this course? You will get a lot out of the experience if you spend an hour or so perusing materials early in the module, then spend another hour or two reflecting, observing, trying the challenge, and responding to the discussion prompts. Optional weekly coaching sessions are one hour in duration, connecting participants and elevating content.

  • Where do the course materials come from? We have compiled materials from our own professional learning experiences and connections with experts across the system. We have tried our best to list the sources for our materials, linking directly to them wherever possible, as we strongly believe in open access to shared learning. If you need more specific source information, just let us know in the "General course questions" forum.
  • How long will I have access to this course? We will keep the course live for one month past the official end date, in order for you to bookmark and download resources.


To express interest in a future course or to ask questions, contact coach@innovationagencynwc.nhs.

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