This 10-month programme addresses organisational and team culture and its relationship to patient safety and improvement. Group participants will focus on a real-world project to improve culture and outcomes in their workplace.

This course blends team coaching, an organisational culture assessment, QI tools and techniques, and learning together as a community of improvers. The team leader of the group will have additional coach training to develop skills to successfully coach and facilitate the improvement team. 

We are pleased to offer credit for 30 CPD hours on completion of the four workshops within this programme. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this programme, you and your team should be able to diagnose challenges, identify transformation needs and implement changes that enhance safety culture within your organisation.

You will:

  • learn about, and how to administer, a comprehensive culture diagnostic tool,
  • review and analyse survey results in order to plan for debriefing colleagues,
  • learn about and apply quality improvement tools, techniques and frameworks to scope and measure improvement projects,
  • learn the theory and processes for culture development, and understand the relationship between psychological safety and patient safety,
  • form an engagement plan for supporting safety culture in your organisation and develop a ‘community of practice’ for improved safety culture.


This programme will be most effective if a team has a real-world patient safety or improvement need to apply learnings to. Priority will be given to teams focusing on:

  • Deterioration
  • Maternity/neonatal
  • Medicines safety

Improvement teams of six members (including the team lead/coach) are welcome to apply. We recommend a team lead invite interested colleagues to join an ‘improvement movement’ and, from that group, identify five core members to attend each of the four workshops.

The team lead will need to discuss expectations and responsibilities associated with this programme with their line manager and any other line managers of the five participants, in particular:

  • administering the SCORE tool within your organisation and sharing those results with your colleagues,
  • allowing time and coverage for four workshops and coaching sessions (for the team lead). 


This programme will include independent and group learning through the Future NHS platform. There will be four, full day team workshops spread out over a number of months, facilitated by a professional coach. The team leader will also have additional coaching sessions with an experienced coach to learn how to further enable the team to successfully implement change.

Key programme components:

  • Organisational culture diagnostic – This programme includes a culture diagnostic tool. You will assess and understand your organisational culture using this tool to help your team identify areas for improvement.
  • Quality improvement tools – Quality improvement is a management approach defined by empowering frontline staff with practical tools and techniques that are applied systematically. You will learn about these tools and how to use them.

At the end of the programme there will also be a final celebration event, planned in collaboration with teams, to highlight the work of the cohort.


You will be supported by a course leader, a dedicated professional coach (who may or may not be the same person), and by your fellow learners. The course leader will be available for online support throughout.

How to join

Please contact to have an initial conversation about bringing this programme to your workplace.

Case studies

Read about the experiences of past participants on the Case Studies: Systems support page.

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