Foundation modules

The following topics represent units of learning that make up our course programmes. They can be used to create ‘learning playlists’ for bespoke coached programmes, and/or stand alone as morning/afternoon, or online learning experiences.


This list is offered as a sample of curriculum areas:

  • The innovator’s mindset
  • The habits of an improver
  • Basics of quality improvement
  • Systems thinking and agility
  • Coaching for reflective practice
  • Optimising collaboration
  • Putting innovation into practice
  • Strategies for spread and adoption
  • Evaluating innovations
  • Understanding safety culture
  • Psychological safety and high performing teams
  • Innovations in digital health
  • Storytelling for innovators
  • Navigating the innovation pathway
  • Financial fundamentals for innovators
  • Leading for a culture of innovation
  • Workforce optimisation through
  • Community and culture
  • Restorative practices for safe and just cultures


Self-directed courses

Learn at your own pace with our online development opportunities. Several times a year, we offer a cycle of flexible courses with online coaches, so you can pursue action learning based on authentic, relevant innovation challenges.


Topics include:

  • The innovator’s mindset
  • Putting innovation into practice
  • Strategies for spread and adoption.


Additional learning experiences


We are happy to host and facilitate stakeholder-driven workshops with communities interested in innovative solutions to health and care challenges:

  • Hackathons gather people from different backgrounds to form teams, collaborate within a limited time frame, and focus on a specific problem or idea in healthcare to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. By bringing together diverse thinking with the common goal of solving a challenge, problems can be diagnosed from multiple perspectives.
  • Design Thinking Workshops allow teams with a single, shared goal to address specific improvement and development needs as defined and driven by stakeholders. The process begins with empathy building and results in a methodically designed prototype, ready for testing and evaluation.

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