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Formed in response to the Accelerated Access Review, published October 2016, the AAC brings together industry, government and the NHS in order to deliver the worldleading innovation that will be transformational for patient outcomes - removing barriers to the uptake of the very best new solutions, so that NHS patients have faster than ever access to innovations.

The AHSN Network: Transforming lives through healthcare innovation Download

The 15 AHSNs cover the whole of England. Individually, we serve the regions and care systems within which we work, while collectively we ensure that transformative innovations become available as widely as possible, as quickly as possible. Our work drives improvements in quality of care and supports economic growth through our support for evaluation, adoption and spread of innovation.

Success Stories - Improving patient safety Download

We deliver the national Patient Safety Collaborative programme in the North West Coast, in collaboration with the AHSN Network and NHS Improvement. The focus has been on three areas: early identification of deterioration; maternal and neonatal health safety; and a culture of continuous improvement. In addition, we help to introduce and spread innovations which improve patient safety

Success stories - Fuelling system transformation Download

As new networks and systems evolve in our region, our teams are delivering programme management support and helping to introduce innovations which are improving care.

Success stories - Collaborating nationally Download

Much of our work is in collaboration with the AHSN Network, spreading an endorsed set of innovations and connecting partners in our region with national NHS initiatives, such as the NHS Innovation Accelerator and NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs.

Improve your workforce productivity Download

The latest thinking and innovations for improving workforce productivity across our health and care systems

Innovations Magazine Issue 3 Download


Coaching for innovation, adoption and spread Download

The Innovation Agency’s Coaching Academy enables health and care professionals to improve culture, quality and safety of health and care through structured learning and development opportunities. Our next programme is sponsored by Connected Health Cities and is suitable for health and care professionals with innovations and/or innovative approaches they want to adopt and spread. Specifically, those that are related to the use of data from, or implementation of, digital technologies that aim to improve health and care.

Innovations Magazine: Issue 02 Download

Growing our network by Dr Liz Mear and Gideon Ben-Tovim It is a time of expansion for the Innovation Agency, which befits springtime as we see the first shoots of the new season.

Innovation Health Connected brochure Download

The Innovation Agency’s aim is to spread innovations which can improve the quality of health care and reduce costs. We act as honest brokers, mobilising expertise and knowledge across the NHS, academia and industry to help improve lives, save money and drive economic growth through innovation. Our regional partnerships are helping to deliver system change locally in line with the Five Year Forward View; and we are supporting the life sciences economy as reinforced by the Accelerated Access Review.

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