Impact in numbers 2018-2019

I am proud to share with you some of the highlights of the past year, with feedback from organisations and individuals who have been involved. This isn’t a compendium of all our activity – it is a selection of stories aimed at reflecting the breadth of our offer and I hope you enjoy reading them.


Fuelling system transformation NHS


Fuelling system transformation

As new networks and systems evolve in our region, our teams are delivering programme management support and helping to introduce innovations which are improving care.

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Improving patient safety

We deliver the national Patient Safety Collaborative programme in the North West Coast, in collaboration with the AHSN Network and NHS Improvement. The focus has been on three areas: early identification of deterioration; maternal and neonatal health safety; and a culture of continuous improvement. In addition, we help to introduce and spread innovations which improve patient safety.

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Coaching to support innovation

The Innovation Agency Coaching Academy provides a variety of learning experiences aimed at building a healthy culture for spreading and adopting innovation. At a system level, the coaching programmes seek to shift mind sets, build capacity for transformation, and support implementation. Courses include ‘Coaching for a Culture of Innovation and Improvement’; and ‘Coaching for Spread and Adoption of Innovation’.

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Stroke prevention

Preventing strokes has been a flagship programme for the Innovation Agency since its inception and we are very proud of the impact of our work, in particular identifying unknown cases of atrial fibrillation.

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NHS Digital health

Supporting digital health

Our involvement with national digital initiatives means we are well placed to support partners in our region with their own digital transformation projects.

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Connected Health Cities


Connected Health Cities is a Government funded, North of England initiative using NHS data and technology to improve health care.

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Connected Health Cities

Patient and public involvement

We involve patients and public in all our work programmes – testing tech and apps; providing feedback and helping to shape plans and projects; and as volunteer AF Ambassadors.

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Supporting economic growth

Our support for local businesses has had a measurable impact on economic growth – creating jobs and securing investment, as well as helping NHS providers to reduce costs and improve care.

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Collaborating nationally

Much of our work is in collaboration with the AHSN Network, spreading an endorsed set of innovations and connecting partners in our region with national NHS initiatives, such as the NHS Innovation Accelerator and NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs.

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Our calendar includes many events to support our partners and different programmes of work. Last year was a special one for the Innovation Agency, marking our fifth birthday, the NHS’s 70th – and a new five year licence from our national NHS commissioners. Here are some of the highlights.

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