Smartphone tech transforms home care in Liverpool Read more

Liverpool is leading the way in the use of smartphone technology to deliver and monitor care in people’s homes. The city is the first to introduce a digital system with almost all domiciliary care providers – giving instant information about 9,000 vulnerable residents to their families and professionals.

Affordable medical simulation training Read more

A new medical training device is being produced at a fraction of the cost of established models – leading to an increase in training opportunities and safer surgery.

AF and stroke prevention in the North West Coast Read more

Our ongoing work to identify atrial fibrillation (AF) has led to more than 500 potential stokes being avoided, saving around £11.2m in NHS resources, from 2014 to early 2018.

Innovation Scouts Read more

A community of Innovation Scouts is helping to develop a culture of innovation within health care organisations throughout the North West Coast.

Community Wellbeing Practices Read more

NHS providers and commissioners in Halton have been working with a social enterprise, Wellbeing Enterprises, to deliver Community Wellbeing Practices which have reduced demand on services – and improved the health of local people.

3D printing to improve surgical outcomes Read more

Surgeons at three Liverpool hospitals are using detailed, 3D printed anatomical models created from patient scan data to improve operative results and drive hospital efficiencies.

Taking the fear out of falls Read more

By 2030 the number of people aged over 65 in Lancashire predicted to have a fall is due to increase by 40 per cent, prompting the introduction of a unique falls prevention service.

A health app that empowers parents Read more

An app has been developed which provides parents and carers with NHS-approved information, so they know when their child needs medical treatment or when self-care would be more appropriate.

House of Memories Read more

House of Memories is a pioneering project making a real difference to people living with dementia, their carers, families and communities.

Preventing AF-related strokes Read more

Our ongoing work to identify atrial fibrillation led to more than 10,000 screenings and more than 250 potential stokes being avoided, saving around £5.6m in NHS resources, from 2014 to early 2017.

How we helped Leanvation to break into NHS Supply Chain Read more

“It is only as a result of the intervention of the Innovation Agency’s commercial team that we were able to break through barriers to joining NHS frameworks.”

Investing in infrastructure to drive economic growth Read more

To address limited infrastructure to support the health and life sector in the North West Coast, the Innovation Agency provided investment of £956,000 to support regional partners. This funding, in part, enabled these projects to leverage around £100m additional funding from sources including the NHS, universities, industry, EU and UK Government.

Joined up records systems – enabling safer care Read more

The Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service (LPRES) is thought to be the first real-time exchange system in the UK which enables record sharing between any number of public sector organisations. It is now connecting 200 GP practices with all health providers in Lancashire and discussions are ongoing with the view to connect a further 450 practices in Manchester – with the potential for national coverage.

Speeding up connectivity for suppliers with the NHS IT network Read more

An ‘N3 aggregator’ has reduced the lead time for connection to the NHS N3 IT network for third party NHS suppliers from over six months to one month.

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