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AF QI Toolkit Download

This AF Quality Improvement Toolkit has been created with the purpose of spreading improvements in the diagnosis and management of AF in primary care and is aimed at GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and administrative staff.

Meet the innovators - Coaching for Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Download

Well done to the participants of our coaching for spread and adoption programme focussed on innovations in mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. This report includes some of their stories and their 100-word ‘pitches’ which were honed during the programme.

Safer care during COVID-19 Download

The AHSN Network, of which the Innovation Agency is a part, has published a rapid-learning report on the role of Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) during the pandemic.

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Case Studies

Building an AI model for alcohol-related hospital admissions Read More

The Innovation Agency worked with the Hartree Centre, Liverpool CCG and the University of Liverpool on a model that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the risk of admission to hospital of patients with alcohol-related illnesses.

A cloud-based audit tool Read More

A cloud-based audit platform is helping staff at seven NHS trusts to streamline their auditing processes through one simple and easy-to-use system, saving time and money – and ultimately leading to improvements in care.

Health Coaching Read More

A Lancashire man whose health suffered through weight gain and high blood pressure made changes with help from a health coach – and is now enjoying an active lifestyle for the first time in years.

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All podcasts available on audioboom Listen

Listen to all our podcasts or sign up to our channel. Alternatively all podcasts are available on iTunes.

Bringing Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project to the North West Listen

Creating music can have a powerful impact on wellbeing; and in the case of Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project it is supporting maternal health, aiding childhood development, and strengthening the bond between parent and child. In this podcast, recorded on Zoom, we hear from Tiffany Ortiz, Director of Early Childhood Programs for Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute, and musician Emily Eagen. We will also hear from Karen Irwin of UK charity Live Music Now, which is planning to be a partner in introducing the Lullaby Project to the ​North West of England; and from one of the charity’s musicians Pip Bryan, who is working with patients at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

A 'curious experiment' - the evolution of the Innovation Agency Listen

1 Oct, 12:15 An independent report by The King's Fund author Ben Collins, titled A 'curious experiment' reflects on the challenges and successes of the Innovation Agency over the last seven years. In this podcast, Ben is joined by the founding leaders of the Innovation Agency - Dr Liz Mear and Gideon Ben-Tovim OBE, to discuss his findings.

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Professor Tony Marson re Connected Health Cities Watch

Professor Tony Marson of the University of Liverpool and The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust describes the challenges and aspirations for improving clinical pathways through Connected Health Cities, by creating learning healthcare systems. Prof Marson is the clinical lead for unplanned seizure admissions. More information here:

Doug Hopkins on how Salaso’s physio films boost patient confidence Watch

Salaso have developed a suite of online physio videos to increase patient confidence in, commitment to and compliance with rehab exercises. Salaso physio videos reduce clinical variation and improve rehab and recovery. Doug says the Innovation Agency helped the company in building relations with the right people in the health service.

Nick Gray of UKDI describes his pioneering stretcher Watch

UKDI produces the Recovery +. This lightweight, three-part foldable stretcher is made from plastic and is designed to provide a range of safe options to respond to planned and unplanned emergencies. It has now been in NHS operational use for nearly two years with very positive reviews. Nick said the Innovation Agency helped the company make contact with the appropriate figures in the NHS to promote the product.