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The Digital North Accelerator programme is a collaborative enterprise established by the four northern AHSNs. It aims to support regional digital health technology firms in the adoption and spread of their proven innovations within the healthcare system. Successful regional solutions are then guided towards national adoption through the Innovation Exchange programme.

Business Plan Summary 2022-2023 Download

The role of the Innovation Agency is to support the adoption and spread of innovations and improvements which are backed by evidence of impact on efficiency and quality of care.

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Case Studies

Testing air ‘scrubber’ machines Read More

A collaboration created by the Innovation Agency has established a reliable and consistent process for determining the effectiveness of units which reduce airborne infections. This development has the potential to reduce hospital-acquired infections. NHS Supply Chain now recommends that all companies supplying air disinfection equipment should have biovalidation data that indicates the impact of air disinfection equipment on a recognised COVID-19 surrogate organism to be eligible for procurement. Currently there is a single facility in Liverpool that was recently set up which can provide this data.

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