Developing coaching skills is worthwhile for everyone Blog by Gemma Barnacle, Business Development Manager

23 September 2022

Coaching is about providing space and time for someone to realise their own thoughts, insights and ideas, with the wholehearted belief that they have all the resources and means to solve the problem themselves.


Where are you from? Blog by Anika Neill

13 July 2022

Where are you from? This is a question that resonates with me and there is no straightforward answer. It’s a question I’ve heard throughout most of my life and which I am unsure how to answer even now as an adult.


Polypharmacy: Getting the balance right Blog by Gill Harvey

21 June 2022

I’m a project manager in the Innovation Agency Patient Safety and Care Improvement Team, working specifically on medicines safety and optimisation programmes, and I’d like to let you know about a national improvement programme that will make a real difference to patients. 


The power of the patient’s voice Blog by Debbie Parkinson

15 March 2022

Recently I took on the role of chairing the national AHSN Network forum of PPI Leads so I’ve been finding out more about how we make a difference through our work to amplify the public voice, from different parts of the country.


Designing the future of leadership for the Cheshire and Merseyside ICS Blog by Jen Kohan

10 March 2022

Users of health and care services may assume that system-wide collaboration already exists – that local authority, social and domiciliary care providers, primary care networks, NHS organisations and trusts, and other critical stakeholder collaboratives are connected and communicating regularly – but this is not consistently true.


Inclisiran offering hope to heart patients Blog by Dr Phil Jennings

1 March 2022

When the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved the use of Inclisiran last autumn, it represented a new opportunity to make a real difference to those patients at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke.


End the postcode lottery for people with eating disorders Blog by Heather Morrison

24 February 2022

The most deadly mental health condition is one which mainly affects young adults – and has a mortality rate of up to 20 per cent for those who are not treated.


Finding the space to breathe: tools to support innovation in asthma diagnosis and management. Blog by Dr Julia Reynolds, Associate Director of Transformation

29 December 2021

Finding the space to breathe:tools to support innovation in asthma diagnosis and management


Our offer to help improve safety in care homes Blog by Connie Sharrock, Senior Programme Manager, Medicine Safety

26 November 2021

For the last nine months I have been on a journey to help care homes improve the way they handle medicines, which is an important part of keeping residents safe.


Responding to Non Covid-19 Identification of Deterioration in Children Blog by Verity Mather Project Manager, Patient Safety & Care Improvement Team

11 October 2021

When I heard about this project it was an ideal opportunity for me both personally and professionally.  I’ve spent 18 years working as a nurse in acute hospital settings and making a difference to patients is why I went into nursing.  I think there are few opportunities more rewarding than improving the way in which we can look after children and young people.


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