How digital solutions saved our skin during Covid19

31 July 2020 by Dr Faisal Ali

As a consultant dermatologist I was already interested in innovation but the sudden onset of COVID-19 made it happen sooner rather than later.


Visors, ventilators – and innovation

23 July 2020 by Dr Elliot Street

After receiving SBRI funding we have been working for the last 18 months on a laparoscopic simulator, the  LapAR™, which combines a box trainer set with the high fidelity of a virtual reality system, it is completely unique.


Neonatal telemedicine: Dr Chris Dewhurst

20 July 2020 by Dr Chris Dewhurst

Liverpool is unique for neonatal services because babies are born in one hospital, Liverpool Women’s, but if they need specialist services those are provided in a different hospital, Alder Hey. We have been working to develop a neonatal unit on the Alder Hey site for the last several years with a plan to open the unit in 2022/3.


Data project drives improvements in care for patients

20 July 2020

Millions of people across the North West Coast will benefit from improved health thanks to a project aimed at better managing patient data.

Connected Health Cities, which involved the Innovation Agency, was a £20m, four-year pilot funded by the Department of Health to unite local health data and technology to improve care for patients in the North of England.


Neonatal telemedicine: Simon Minford

16 July 2020 by Simon Minford

COVID-19 has caused innovation to happen at breakneck speed at Alder Hey. We have launched a telehealth service, working with a company called InTouch Health, which has transformed life for both patients and staff.

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