Finding the space to breathe: tools to support innovation in asthma diagnosis and management. Blog by Dr Julia Reynolds, Associate Director of Transformation

29 December 2021

Finding the space to breathe:tools to support innovation in asthma diagnosis and management


Our offer to help improve safety in care homes Blog by Connie Sharrock, Senior Programme Manager, Medicine Safety

26 November 2021

For the last nine months I have been on a journey to help care homes improve the way they handle medicines, which is an important part of keeping residents safe.


Responding to Non Covid-19 Identification of Deterioration in Children Blog by Verity Mather Project Manager, Patient Safety & Care Improvement Team

11 October 2021

When I heard about this project it was an ideal opportunity for me both personally and professionally.  I’ve spent 18 years working as a nurse in acute hospital settings and making a difference to patients is why I went into nursing.  I think there are few opportunities more rewarding than improving the way in which we can look after children and young people.


Overseas commercial links grow despite Brexit fears Blog by Lindsay Sharples

14 September 2021

After dragging on for years Brexit finally happened and, having worked on European-funded activities since the beginning of the 1990s, I have to confess I’d hoped it would never happen.


My new role in mental health safety improvement Blog by Alice Fletcher

6 September 2021

A woman lost her son after he was restrained in a seclusion room in a London hospital. She told her story at an event I attended recently and it underlined the importance of the work I am now undertaking.


Head start for Morecambe Bay Hood Blog by Gemma Byrne

31 August 2021

As a trained audiologist, I’m used to helping people communicate.

It is a brilliant skill to have and one I have called on frequently as part of my work as a Programme Manager with the Innovation Agency.

My role is to help encourage the spread and adoption of innovations in Lancashire and south Cumbria. 


How the pandemic spurred innovation Blog by Mike Kenny

20 August 2021

As difficult as the pandemic has been, the Enterprise and Growth Team here at the Innovation Agency have had our busiest year ever, working with nearly double the number of companies we worked with before COVID-19.


Why I am proud of 'Our COVID-19 story' Blog by Dr Phil Jennings

16 August 2021

Reflecting on a year like no other in health and care has been a time to re-evaluate our role in supporting our local systems, partners and national NHS commissioners.


'I'm proud of the work we're carrying out' Blog by Andrew Cooper

9 August 2021

I love where I live: Wirral is an amazing place with wide-open sands and great views of the Welsh hills just over the River Dee. I’ve been grateful for having this on my doorstep, especially over the last 18 months or so.


My COVID-19 redeployment Blog by Mandy Townsend

24 June 2021

Hello, my name is Mandy, and I am a biomedical scientist. In April 2020, a couple of weeks into lockdown, I was redeployed to a national COVID-19 operational supplies team, joining colleagues from NHS England and Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care.


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