Finding potency in a remote world

20 May 2020 by Juliette Kumar

When COVID-19 struck, like many NHS strategic organisations we abruptly left the offices and went to work remotely. During these anxious early days and weeks we let go of many ideas which we had thought of as ‘normal’; plans and expectations for the year were put on hold or discarded, and we had to quickly reinvent and reimagine our working lives whilst at home.


Using tech to support COPD patients

6 May 2020 by Helena Tendedez

PhD student Helena Tendedez reflects on how technology can help people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) during the coronavirus outbreak.


Life for a GP during COVID-19

4 May 2020 by Dr Sian Stokes

By Dr Sian Stokes, one of eight GPs working in The Village Medical Centre, Wallasey.

I am only seeing a few patients face to face; we triage patients over the phone first and then consider whether we need to see them.

In the past, a patient would call reception to request an appointment or else book online; or an appointment could be booked as a follow up.


Transforming outpatient clinics at The Walton Centre

4 May 2020 by Vicky Clarke

I am responsible for The Walton Centre’s outpatients’ transformation programme. Pre COVID we were well underway with our outpatient transformation project, looking at how we could reduce the number of face to face follow up appointments. This was in line with national outpatient programme mandate, harnessing the use of technology to change the way in which we deliver services.


Connecting communities in Blackburn with Darwen

4 May 2020 by Paul Fleming

I worked in the local NHS during the 2009 pandemic and was in an NHS regional role during the cyber attack in 2017 – two major business continuity scenarios. This crisis is very different because of its prolonged duration and its scale.

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